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Advanced Striking: Tactics of Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA Masters

Jack Slack's first publication, this ebook explores the methods of masterful strikers from the three major combat sports; boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts. This book, inspired by K. V. Gradapolov's 1947 publication Tactics of the Foreign Masters, is written to educate fans, and to give fighters and martial artists the opportunity to understand and apply the same techniques that make fighters such as Anderson Silva, Badr Hari, Manny Pacquiao and many others so effective.

- 20 Fighters - including the 8 selected by readers at BloodyElbow and the Underground.

-Over 60 techniques, broken down in demonstrative photographs.

-Breakdowns not only of single techniques, but how fighters utilize them together to form a complete game. Such as:

- Roy Jones Jr.'s right hand forward guard and the many offensive options which spring from it

- Giorgio Petrosyan's series of counters after faking a jab to illicit a response.

- Buakaw Por. Pramuk's use of the teep to land more telling strikes later in the match.

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Elementary Striking: Strategies for Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA

Jack Slack's second publication, this guide introduces all of the basic concepts of striking and more importantly how to begin applying them against a competent opponent. Covered within Slack's most comprehensive work to date are:

- Basic stances, footwork, defenses and strikes.

- The Intangibles: Methods to create openings to strike from a square on position without taking an angle. These include Milling, Hand Fighting, Foot Traps and Offbalancing, Feinting and the concepts of Closed and Open Guard.

- Establishing a jab - without simply pumping it out at random. The methods herein are the safest way to go about putting the fear of the jab into your opponent.

- Building combinations - how to hurt your opponent once you've got him worrying about the jab.

- Lumberjacking, The Cross Counter and the Drawing Jab.

- How to tie up your opponent both on defence and on offense (with Punch and Clutch)

- Angling - the most effective angling techniques revealed to date. Angling off of the right straight, right hook and left hook in multiple directions.

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Fighting Karate

Jack Slack’s third, and most extensive Ebook, Fighting Karate covers the techniques and strategies of Japanese karate.

Fighting Karate is divided into six sections:

Karate’s Signature Techniques: The techniques for which karate is best known. From the standard reverse punch to the side kick, front snap kick and the back kick. Including details taught by top Japanese instructors.

The Questionable Techniques: The techniques which appear frequently in karate competition but have been thought to lack practicality elsewhere. Alternative measures are offered in attempting to apply these techniques.

Principles: The principles which govern karate–drawn from the influence that Japanese fencing, Kendo had on Japanese karate. The most important points of karate fighting: The Three Initiatives, Maai and more.

Tricks of the Trade: The means of combating the distance and counter striking of karate kumite. Sneaking up the back foot, bursting across the floor, hand traps, Tobi-komi, gi grips, the Karate Clinch, and Hiki-komi techniques among others.

Applying the Techniques: Combination techniques which put it all together, including Ellewyn Hall and Frank Brennan’s sweeping combinations, Lyoto Machida’s incredible feinting burst, Ticky Donovan’s Uchi Mata, and the karate method of catching kicks which is contrasted with the traditional kickboxing method.

Kata and Bunkai: A look at the original meanings of traditional karate forms. Included are some of the rough and tumble wrist locks, tackles, grip breaks and stomping kicks hidden beneath the beautiful movements and flowing gestures of karate kata.

Sample Techniques:

The Arm Straightening Trap, one of the many unique hand traps featured.

The Karate catch or x-catch. A method of catching the kicking leg. Several follow ups are detailed in Fighting Karate.

An application of the Gojushiho / Useishi kata’s signature sequence of open handed thrusts. The bunkai section of Fighting Karate explores common positions from numerous kata and their real purposes.

This is by far Jack’s most comprehensive work to date, and a unique look at an often misunderstood art.