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Resources and Friends

In the fight game it is important to find reasoned voices that you can trust. No one is going to be right all the time because this sport is completely unpredictable but the ability to ‘show your working’ is tremendously valuable. Here are a few of the guys who really make me think about the fights from other angles.

Lawrence Kenshin

Lawrence Kenshin consistently puts out the best material you will find on the sport of Muay Thai. From legends to modern day fighters, he breaks them down. As someone who adores the art but struggles to follow the sport, I find LK’s work invaluable. His work in MMA and kickboxing is every bit as good too. Check out his website.

Robin Black

Robin Black might be the most high energy man in mixed martial arts. Former glam rocker, current analyst for the Fight Network and the UFC itself, Robin is on the front wave of analysis in the sport. He’s also a damn good interviewer and interviewee, watch his appearances on the Joe Rogan Podcast and his own armBAR segments to see that. Check out 5 Rounds.

Heavy Hands / Connor Reubusch and Patrick Wyman

While I’ve grouped Wyman and Rebusch together for brevity, they both do their own tremendous work in writing. It is their meeting of minds, the Heavy Hands podcast which I really enjoy most of all though. Thoughtful, topical material which gets me through long drives and excited for the big and small fights alike. Check Heavy Hands out here.

BJJ Scout

BJJ Scout’s work has been absolutely invaluable to both the MMA and BJJ communities. From his work on lesser known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors to MMA champion to positional studies, BJJ Scout has never had a dip in quality regardless of the subject. Here’s his site.

Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas is one of the hardest working men in fight journalism. His mid week live chat has always been an enjoyable Q&A, and his articles are consistently top notch. As a technique freak I most enjoy his Technique Talk columns, interviewing some of MMA’s great stars and coaches about the details of the game, and his new Monday Morning Analyst podcast. Find his podcasts on MMA Fighting.