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Articles & Analysis

When I started blogging here at Fights Gone By I was writing only a few articles every month. Since progressing to work at Bloody Elbow, then Bleacher Report, and most recently at Vice’s Fightland I have been able to devote more time to writing and have put together a hefty body of work.

Like any job, there are bits of work I am more proud of and less proud of.  In this section of my blog I want to share some of the articles which I have put the most work into, which reflect my feelings on the fight game best, or which I could step away from and say that I was truly glad to have written.

You can follow my writing day by day at my Fightland author page.

The Ecstasy and Agony of Robbie Lawler versus Rory MacDonald

When Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald fought their second bout at UFC 189 we were treated to one of the most brutal and bloody fights in UFC history. When MacDonald finally succumbed to a crushing left straight onto his already badly broken nose in the final round I found myself reflecting on the nature and cost of great fights. Read more.

George Foreman: Student of the Greats

Through the years, George Foreman was able to train with Dick Saddler, Sandy Saddler, Archie Moore and Sonny Liston, and each had an effect on his method. In this article I was able to finally devote the time to studying one of my favourite styles in the history of boxing. From the ‘Mummy’ guard and smothering of the opponent’s hands, to the crossed guard or ‘lock’ of Archie Moore, Foreman owned a wonderful bag of tricks.  Read more.

Shinsuke Nakamura and the Bomaye Knee

In my first look at professional wrestling I explored the fascinating art of not hitting people but making it look convincing. From the obviously fakey punches of The Undertaker and CM Punk, to the Strong Style knees of Shinsuke Nakamura. This was also my first piece collaborating with Fightland’s brilliant illustrator, Grimoire. Read More.

A Brutally Honest Look at Mike Tyson versus Muhammad Ali

It is the hypothetical fight which boxing fans have argued over for the last twenty years. Who would win: a prime Muhammad Ali or a prime Mike Tyson? In this article I was able to explore both the strengths and the exploitable habits in both men and ponder the difference between athletic prime and boxing prime. Read More.

How Holly Holm Killed the Queen

A few weeks prior to Ronda Rousey versus Bethe Correia, I had written one of my Killing the King articles. These are exhausting to research and I had little hope of Correia providing any challenge to Rousey. When Holly Holm came out and utilized everything mentioned in Killing the Queen: Ronda Rousey to absolute perfection, I couldn’t help but heap praise on Holm’s performance and the planning of her team. Read More.

Jersey Joe Walcott: Art on the Ring Canvas

With big fights happening almost every weekend I don’t get as much chance to write about the old timers nowadays. In a break between major bouts I snatched my chance and wrote this short biography of the most beautiful boxer I’ve ever seen between the ropes, Jersey Joe Walcott. The alternative title for this piece was The Pathetic Life of Arnold Cream. Read More.