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15/09/2016 FGB 7

This week we discuss UFC 203 – including the heavyweight title fight and the CM Punk debacle–as well as Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook. We answer questions on Minoru Suzuki, the UFC flyweight division, and great fights for noobs.

07/09/2016     FGB # 6 + Reading Lists

In this week’s Fights Gone By podcast we discuss Josh Barnett’s Sakuraba-esque victory over Andrei Arlovski, Ryan Bader helps us reminisce about Joachim Hansen’s intercepting knees, and we cover UFC 203.

I also clipped off a couple of highlights from previous episodes including a boxing reading list and a grappling reading list.

17/08/2016      FGB #3: Steven Seagal + UFC 202

Episode three of the Fights Gone By Podcast is now up, covering the remaining fights on the UFC 202 card, complete with a rant about Steven Seagal.

Also available on iTunes and Direct Download can be found here.


Hey guys, I managed to get the MP3 version of the podcast up for those who want to listen to it on the go (or while they’re supposed to be working).

Here’s the direct download link.

Thank you all for all the positive feedback already! Hopefully I’ll have these coming out every week or two and we’ll be on iTunes soon.



03/08/2016          FGB Podcast #1

After promising to put out more videos I finally decided to give podcasting a go! An experimental episode of ‘Jack’s Unnamed Podcast’ is up on Youtube now for folks to enjoy. In it we talk the ins and outs of McGregor vs Diaz II and I answer some reader questions.

Please let me know how you find it and what I should do for next time in the Youtube comments. I’m looking into iTunes and SoundCloud at the moment for future episodes. I’m not sure how often I’ll do them but I’ll try to respond to whatever demand there is.



21/06/2016      The State of Ringcraft etc.

Lots going on at the moment. I’m playing with my new microphone and throwing out the occasional video on my Youtube channel (make sure to subscribe to that I suppose). I recently published videos entitled: Some Quick Thoughts on Stephen Thompson, Pressure Point Techniques That Could Save Your Life, and A Little Bit of Buddy McGirt. Really I’m just twiddling my thumbs on the video front until  Vice decide to release Ringcraft IV, which has been ready since January. If they decide Fightland is done with videos I’ll get a new channel and a Patreon page and decide how to proceed from there. I would love to team up with an animator and do some history stuff or make something similar to Luke Thomas’ excellent Monday Morning Analyst.

At any rate I’m having a lot more fun doing voice overs and scripts nowadays. It still takes me far too long to record something I actually like but I’m getting there. I even started doing some research to have a bash at writing a screenplay combining my love of fight history and titillating, violent schlock.

Something which caught my eye this week was BJJ Scout’s return to business. He is putting together a multi-part series on the guard passing of Demian Maia and it is well worth your time.

What else happened since my last blog? Well Muhammad Ali and Kimbo Slice died, which was quite upsetting. And then Michael Bisping became UFC middleweight champion on short notice which–whether you like him or not–is pretty inspiring. Oh and Brock Lesnar is coming back for a one off fight to save UFC 200 which was pretty much unthinkable until the moment it was announced.

We’ve got three huge events coming up back-to-back-to-back, so the next few weeks will be fairly hectic.  Apologies that I don’t have any big updates regarding books or Ringcraft right now, but thanks for all your support and patience.



24/02/2016           Updating Blog

Apologies for the extremely long time between updates. The last time I wrote an entry on here was November of 2014! A lot has happened between then and now. Hundreds of articles, a couple of injuries, and a nomination for MMA Journalist of the Year. Overall I can’t complain.

Also, Fightland got my webseries off the ground! You can go and watch that in the Videos tab up the top there. We are three episodes in at the time of writing, with a fourth on the horizon. The original plan was for ‘How to Enjoy a Fight’ but we ended up going with Jack Slack’s Ringcraft. Ringcraft just sounded much snappier.

At any rate, I’m doing a bit of a spring clean of Fights Gone By. With all the writing I do for Fightland I struggle to post my own articles here as well. I wanted to do that for a while but it just never happened. Instead I have decided to use the Articles and Analysis section to compile the features which I have been truly proud of writing.

Most of the gifs and videos in the Techniques and Principles section from the first incarnation of Fights Gone By have expired, so I have replaced that section of the site with a Resources section which I will add notable analysts, writers and podcasters to as we go along.

Books is still books, where you can pick up the old technical studies I wrote a few years back. If you want to check out my new ebook, Finding the Art, you can pick it up on Amazon.

Hopefully over the coming weeks I can start to update this site and  share some of the wonderful work and ideas I have encountered in the martial arts world.



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