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Jack Slack’s Ringcraft

In 2015 I was able to convince Vice’s Fightland to give me a webseries. Originally titled “How to Enjoy a Fight”, we later opted for “Ringcraft”. The goal of this series is to introduce the subtler elements of fighting to fight fans through the use of UFC and kickboxing footage with narration, annotations and liberal use of slow motion.

Episode One: The Art of Stance

The first episode of Ringcraft was devoted entirely to the notion of stance. How it provides power and the abillity to move with speed and how taking stance away can destroy these traits in a fighter.

Episode Two: The Three Initiatives

In our second episode we focused on the timing of strikes. To do this we examined the legendary Three Initiatives of fencing. The lead, the delayed counter, and the simultaneous counter. This one gave us a great chance to use lots of clips of Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida.

Episode Three: A Study in Conor McGregor

With the series truly underway I wanted to use a big name to get casual viewers in. Using Conor McGregor we explored his development from a counter-fighter into an aggressive kicker. This built off of episode two’s theme of initiatives.