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24/02/2016           Updating Blog

Apologies for the extremely long time between updates. The last time I wrote an entry on here was November of 2014! A lot has happened between then and now. Hundreds of articles, a couple of injuries, and a nomination for MMA Journalist of the Year. Overall I can’t complain.

Also, Fightland got my webseries off the ground! You can go and watch that in the Videos tab up the top there. We are three episodes in at the time of writing, with a fourth on the horizon. The original plan was for ‘How to Enjoy a Fight’ but we ended up going with Jack Slack’s Ringcraft. Ringcraft just sounded much snappier.

At any rate, I’m doing a bit of a spring clean of Fights Gone By. With all the writing I do for Fightland I struggle to post my own articles here as well. I wanted to do that for a while but it just never happened. Instead I have decided to use the Articles and Analysis section to compile the features which I have been truly proud of writing.

Most of the gifs and videos in the Techniques and Principles section from the first incarnation of Fights Gone By have expired, so I have replaced that section of the site with a Resources section which I will add notable analysts, writers and podcasters to as we go along.

Books is still books, where you can pick up the old technical studies I wrote a few years back. If you want to check out my new ebook, Finding the Art, you can pick it up on Amazon.

Hopefully over the coming weeks I can start to update this site and  share some of the wonderful work and ideas I have encountered in the martial arts world.